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You can start directly and try out some of the easier stages.

Or you can have a look around in the town and see what you can buy once you made some money.


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What is Revision01?

Revision01 is a free and casual browsergame. The goal is to navigate the ball into the exit. You control the ball by using your mouse. If you kill monsters your character gains experience and gold.
The gold can be used to buy potions or upgrade your spells. With each level up you can boost a perk.

Player stats and introduction

During the stages you gain experience by killing monsters. You also collect loot and gold which you can then use to upgrade your weapons or craft better gear.
  • The red bar is your characters live. If it drops below 0 you die and have to redo the stage.
  • The blue bar is for the mana reserve. It is used up by casting spells and refilled by drinking mana potions.
  • The pink bar represents the progress into the next level.

How does it work? (technical)

The game is based on HTML5 and Javascript, so it can be played right away in modern browsers. The progress you make within the game is stored in a Cookie. You can also create an account for free and save your progress on the server.

What's new?

Currently experimenting with 3d-Engine.